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El Governor RV Park

We had a great time staying at El Governor RV Park in Mexico Beach, FL. Check out our video walk through below or by clicking here.

We also reviewed El Governor RV Park on Campground Reviews. It was a really enjoyable stay and we made a lot of new friends. The following is an excerpt of that review.

Mexico Beach took a direct hit from Hurricane Michael on Oct. 10, 2018 inflicting wide-spread destruction. The infrastructure was wiped out, homes were destroyed and businesses completely vanished. At just a little over the two-year mark Mexico Beach is bouncing back due to the resolve and drive of the people that live here. El Govenor RV Park re-opened in early December 2020 and my wife and I had to come visit. The campground has been rebuilt and it is absolutely beautiful! The site are level and spacious. We have a 28′ travel trailer and there is plenty of room to park our tow vehicle on the lot. There’s actually enough room to have friends visit and park on the site.

The bath house is brand new and well maintained. Spacious shower stalls (and toilet stalls), clean sinks, floors and plenty of hand soap and paper towels. There’s not a lot of room between neighbors but it’s certainly adequate. The park sewage connnections (two per site) are easy to hook into and spaced in such a manner that you won’t have to use a lot of sewer hose for the front and rear discharge connections.

The water is amazingly palatable for a Florida Coast RV park. I’m assuming that with the new infrastructure in the city that water lines and treatment facilities have been upgraded. The water lacks that sulphur smell and taste that is typical along the coast. This was a very welcome surprise for us.

Be sure to add this campground to your list of wonderful places to go! We camped at El Governor Resort & RV Park in a Travel Trailer.