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Passport America – Campground Discount

For any camper the Passport America campground discount program is a must! They offer discounts of 50% on your stay at thousands of campgrounds across the US, Canada and Mexico. This discount isn’t valid ALL the time. Most campgrounds offer the discount during off-peak times. However, the definition of off-peak is defined by the campground so they may be offering the discount during your travel itinerary.

Campground Discount

Most campgrounds offer a discount. This is typically 10% for membership in travel clubs, etc. However, the Passport America campground discount is 50% off of your stay during off-peak times of the year! The discounts add up quickly and easily offset the cost of membership with a two-night stay.

Passport America Campground Discount

Click on the banner shown below to start your subscription with Passport America today. The program typically pays for itself the very first time you use it!