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Low Water Pressure at the Campground?

Let’s face it. Using a pressure regulator at the campground is highly recommended but the affect it has on your shower can be less than ideal. That trickle of water barely gets you wet let alone rinses off you military shower.

Enter the replacement shower head known as Oxygenics. This thing is amazing! Its design amplifies the water pressure coming into it and provides excellent pressure coming out. We’ve been using and recommending this brand for several years now and couldn’t be more satisfied.

The patented Oxygenics design amplifies existing water pressure and widens the water coverage while minimizing water use. It even has a SmartPause valve that allows you to pause the water flow, once you have the optimal hot/cold mix, while you lather up. Your tanks will be slower to fill up and your travel partner will be able to take a shower after you without waiting for the hot water to return.

Try it for yourself. This must have item for your home on the road.