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Replacement Filters for your Refrigerator

Refrigerators have gotten pretty cool, pun intended! The features they have these days are a far cry from the robust, noisy behemoth’s of days gone by. They’re lined with LED lights to illuminate all angles f the interior. They dispense cold water and ice (crushed if you prefer). And they utilize filters to make the air and water taste better.

With all this new technology there was bound to be consumables introduced that you will need to replace on a regular basis. Enter the filter replacement.

Filter replacement is a new and emerging service industry. All you need is to know your refrigerator’s make and model and you can have your filters on their way to your appliance in no time.

We have a Whirlpool unit, which is compatible in most of the filters we need, with KitchenAid and Maytag. Perform your due diligence up front and locate the replacement model part number. It may no longer be available but the Internet is full of replacement parts for the replacement parts.

Be sure to change the filters as recommended to not only keep your food and water tasting good but also to contribute to the upkeep of your appliance for warranty purposes. Warranties vary wildly so make sure that your appliance includes filter replacement as part of their warranty.