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Cutting Through a Campsite

stop-sign-with-handWe all have pet peeves. Some of them are more peevey than others. This is one of those for us.

As we travel around the country we’ve noticed an issue that occurs far more frequently than we would have thought. We’ve been asked by many of our fellow RV’ers what we think about other folks walking through someone else’s campsite. It never occurred to us to cut through another campers site but yet we see it way too frequently.

On the topic of whether to cut through someone else’s campsite – don’t do it. At least, don’t do it without asking them first. Go around. Campgrounds aren’t that big that you would get lost or lose precious time respecting someone’s privacy. If the campground is packed then ask if they mind if you cut through.

All the campgrounds I’ve been to have roads that you can walk on. These roads will lead one to their own campsite. It seems logical to me that it’s just as easy to walk alongside the the roadway as it is to invade someone’s space.

We were at a campground in Renfro, KY sitting inside when the dog (aka our portable fuzzy home alarm) starts barking. We look out the window to see some of our fellow campers walking under our awning through our outdoor living room. Why? 10 feet to either direction of our rig would have been outside of our site and acceptable to us.

The bottom line is that campers, whether RV’ing, tent camping or enjoying the outdoors in a sleeping bag, have rented that spot for the time that they’re occupying it. Consider yourself sitting at home and a stranger walks through the front door, goes through your living room and out the back door. Acceptable? Absolutely not. Yet far too often we notice this phenomenon occur.

Our parting thought would be that you be considerate of your fellow campers and either don’t cut through their campsite or ask them first.